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Conference Announcement

Date: 17 May 2011

In order to mark our 30th anniversary, CAJ will hold a conference on Tuesday 21st June in Belfast entitled ‘Counter-terrorism and Human Rights: The Permanence of Temporary Powers.’

To register, please email events@caj.org.uk or call 028 9031 6000

Draft Agenda

21 June 2011

Holiday Inn, Ormeau Avenue, Belfast

30 years ago, the Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ) grew out of a conference held in Queen’s in the summer of 1981 and chaired by Lord Gardiner. The theme of the conference was the administration of justice under emergency laws; and whether reliance on emergency law had the effect of undermining respect for the rule of law.  The conference plenary unanimously passed two resolutions – that a judicial review of the administration of justice in Northern Ireland should be established, and that the convenors of the conference and others interested should continue their work on the specific topics discussed that day.  From there CAJ was born.

We ask, 30 years later and after so many years of peace in Northern Ireland, why do we still have emergency law?  Is reliance on sweeping powers in the so-called ‘war on terror’ in danger of becoming normalised? What effect does this have on targeted communities?  Is respect for the rule of law undermined by excessive legislation so that the attempt to counter violence undermines its own rationale?

Draft Conference Agenda

09.30              Coffee and Registration

10.00             Welcome – Chair of conference, Marny Requa, Assistant Director of Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Queen’s University Belfast

Opening remarks: Emergency legislation in Northern Ireland: where we have come from and where we are now – Prof. Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, CAJ Executive, Transitional Justice Institute, University of Ulster and University of Minnesota

10.20             'Beyond Radicalization: Towards an Integrated Anti-Violence Rule of Law Strategy' downloadable at


– Prof. Colm Campbell, Transitional Justice Institute, University of Ulster

10.40             Independent Reviewer Perspective – David Anderson, QC, independent reviewer of the Terrorism Act

11.00             Questions and Answers

11.20              Coffee & Tea

11.50             Panel: Effects on the ground: impact on communities

·         Islamaphobia in Britain – Dr Chris Allen, University of Birmingham

·         Comparing  the Irish and Muslim experience of being suspect communities – Prof. Mark McGovern, Edgehill University

·         Do emergency legislation and counter-terrorism measures foster radicalisation? – Jamie Bartlett, Head of Violence and Extremism Programme, DEMOS

12.40             Questions and Answers

13.10             Lunch

14.00             Panel: Emergency powers in action

·         A review of stop and search powers – Dr Vicky Conway Queen's University Belfast

-         Bending the Rules-Breaking the Law - Paul O'Connor, Pat Finucane Centre

‘War on Terror’: Lessons from Northern Ireland – Dr Jacqueline Monahan, CAJ

14.45             Questions and Answers

15.15             Closing address: The impact of emergency law internationally in the context particularly of the war on terror – Professor Karen Greenberg, Centre on Law and Security, School of Law, NYU

15.45             Questions and Answers

16.00             Close – Aideen Gilmore, CAJ

16.30              Drinks reception

To register, please email events@caj.org.uk or call 028 9031 6000

A report of the conference will be available online soon afterwards.  Please email louise@caj.org.uk if you wish to receive notification of this.