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Mapping the Rollback?

Mapping the rollback?

To mark International Human Rights Day (10th December) CAJ, in collaboration with the Transitional Justice Institute, University of Ulster and the Human Rights Centre Queens University Belfast launched a conference report: ‘Mapping the Rollback: Human Rights Provisions of the Belfast Good Friday Agreement 15 Years On.’ The conference report covers CAJ’s ‘Mapping the Rollback’ matrix paper and the varied inputs of conference speakers regarding the human rights commitments 15 years on from the Belfast / Good Friday Agreement.

The conference was organised in conjunction with the Queen’s University Human Rights Centre and the University of Ulster’s Transitional Justice Institute and was held in April in Queen’s Great Hall. Approximately 150 people attended and a total of 22 presentations were made during the day. These presentations have now been collated into the report which was launched on 9th December, the eve of Human Rights Day.

Increasing concern has been expressed by CAJ and other human rights organisations that there has been and continues to be persistent attempts at a ‘rollback’ by the state, or elements within its institutions, of the human rights provisions of the various Agreements that make up our peace settlement. This rollback includes commitments made as part of the settlement which have never been implemented and areas where institutional and policy gains were made, which are now being undermined.

Also launched on the day was a ‘Rollback Monitor’ as part of the RightsNI blog.