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We still need a Finucane Public Inquiry

Date: 13 December 2012

In its response to the De Silva Report, the Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ) has quoted Judge Peter Cory:

“In this case only a public inquiry will suffice. Without public scrutiny doubts based solely on myth and suspicion will linger long, fester and spread their malignant infection throughout the Northern Ireland community.”

Brian Gormally, CAJ’s Director said:

“Cory was right in 2004 and he’s still right today. In spite of the limited new information in the De Silva Report, only a full, independent public inquiry will get to the truth and end the poisonous culture of impunity.

“De Silva’s report catalogues many crimes – but he doesn’t tell us who committed them. There was collusion involving RUC Special Branch, the Army and the Security Service but those who colluded have gone scot free. The De Silva review was neither effective nor transparent – a public inquiry could be both.

“At one point in the Commons today, the Prime Minister claimed that things had changed by saying: ‘FRU – Gone! RUC Special Branch – Gone!’ He should have continued by saying: ‘MI5 – In charge!’

“Because the reality is that MI5 – secret, unreformed and unaccountable – is now running one of the most sensitive areas of policing – covert national security. CAJ has just published a research report into covert policing and that lays bare MI5’s role in the past and its lack of accountability in the present.

“This is a disaster waiting to happen to confidence in the rule of law and our peace settlement. CAJ wants a full, independent review with the aim of bringing covert policing here in line with human rights standards. However, the priority for all who care about human rights in Northern Ireland is a public inquiry into the death of Pat Finucane.”