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15.12.2015 Vice Magazine

Revealed: the British Army's Secret Plan to Shoot Protesters in Hong Kong When thousands of pro-democracy protesters took to Hong Kong's streets last year, their movement was dubbed the "Umbrella Revolution", after they faced down clouds of tear gas with their brollies. The UK government raised concerns with China over events in the former… Read more

09.12.15 The Irish News

THERE have been for rent controls to be introduced in Northern Ireland by an umbrella group involving more than 80 non-governmental organisations. The Equality Coalition has also called for authorities to increase the rates of properties owned by the better off. The recommendations are made in a report produced after the `Austerity and… Read more

19.11.15 The Irish News

A NEGOTIATOR in the talks that ended with this week's political deal has said the legacy elements of the Stormont House Agreement are now “in suspension”. Alex Attwood was speaking after the 'Fresh Start' document failed to include agreement on how Troubles-related killings will be investigated – including the setting up of a dedicated… Read more

18.11.12 The Irish News

While there are many potential winners from Stormont's 'fresh start', not least the numerous people to be appointed to various panels and committees over the coming weeks, there are significant losers too. Victims and relatives of those killed in the Troubles have seen their quest for a mechanism that would provide answers and justice in… Read more

12.11.15 The Guardian

Lawyers for seven former paratroopers facing questioning over the 1972 Bloody Sunday killings have begun legal action against the police, at the high court in London. Papers seeking a judicial review of the way in which Police Service of Northern Ireland detectives are conducting their historical inquiry were lodged with the administrative court… Read more

13.10.2015 The Irish News

THE British government has delayed tabling a controversial bill on how to deal with the past. It had been expected that the Stormont House Agreement-linked bill would be tabled at Westminster. However, it is believed a decision was taken to postpone the move after objections were raised by nationalists. A spokeswoman for the Northern Ireland… Read more

25.09.2015 Belfast Telegraph

If you didn't know that intensive cross-party talks were happening at Stormont, then you wouldn't know. That media watch that followed the twists and turns and near-collapse of the political institutions a fortnight ago has all but gone. Read more Read more

25.09.2015 The Irish News

The SDLP has voiced concern over plans by the British government to “veto” information in reports by a new body investigating Troubles killings. Alex Attwood spoke out after the Northern Ireland Office published a policy paper on legislation to enact the Stormont House Agreement. Read more Read more

24.09.2015 The Irish News

Concerns have been raised over plans by the British government to “veto” information in reports by a new body investigating Troubles killings. Details emerged yesterday in a policy paper published by the Northern Ireland Office on legislation to enact the Stormont House Agreement. The political agreement last December proposed a Historical… Read more

19.09.15 The Irish News

The DUP executive team has completed its first cycle of resigning, withdrawing its resignations just before the seven days notice period expires then resigning again. In five weeks’ time, Peter Robinson has to reappoint himself as first minister then step aside once more, an act sadly not referred to as disappointing himself. Read more Read more